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Month: June 2014

Pipework Bonding

The bonding referred to in the title is the type that is required to attach to all metal pipework fitted in a property. It is fitted to ensure that there is no chance that anyone in the home will receive an electric shock should the pipework come into contact with electrical current through a fault. It must be replaced if removed for plumbing additions or modifications. The paragraph explains why this is so and why the cables are so important. An Eltham Plumber is trained to deal electric shock.Should you ever take the time to look at your gas meter or maybe even your incoming water supply pipework it must definitely be the case that you see a green and yellow wire connected to the pipework. You may ask yourself what is it for? Well, it is called an equipotential earth bonding cable. These cables are connected to water service pipework that enters the house and also on pipework in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Eltham Plumbers have the skills to advise on this bonding. Whenever a water, gas or fluid pipe comes into and passes out from a building there is a potential for stray electrical currents, as a result of faulty electrical equipment or appliances. If this happens and a human touches a pipe that is affected by an electrical fault (in other words the pipe is alive!), they will get a shock or even worse as electrical shocks can alter the rhythm of the human heart and stop it. So these stray currents need to be taken away safely to an earth point through a specific route. A bonding wire of 10mm minimum size is clamped unpainted to the pipework at the point of entry/exit of the building. This in turn is connected to the main earth terminal in the consumer unit. In addition to the bonding wires making a connection to the incoming services, there needs to be additional supplementary wire links that join together all the metalwork within wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen in a continuous unbroken circuit. This guarantees all the pipework is at the same electrical potential as for dangerous current to flow there must be a difference in potential (ie you).