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Month: July 2014

The Green Side of Plumbing

We all really need to save money during these very challenging economic times, so a great way to bolster money-saving changes is to make green plumbing improvements to your plumbing system. Greener plumbing is a fantastic way to lower your energy and water consumption without giving up those home comforts. ?And it doesnt get any better than that. <a style=”color:#FFBE72 !important;” href=”http://www.elthamplumbers.co.uk”>Eltham Plumbers</a> use qualified plumbers who use green techniques.</br>The Green Plumbing:</br></br>Low-Flow Showerheads.</br>This style of showerhead can reduce the water flow from the showerhead either by aerating the water (adding air to the water) or restricting the flow of the water without the air. The result is an increased water speed that gives the impression of a high power spray. This effect gives the feeling that you are using a regular showerhead. A qualified <a style=”color:#FFBE72 !important;” href=”http://www.elthamplumbers.co.uk”>Eltham Plumber</a> can fit this type of shower.</br></br>The Tank-less Water Heater. </br>This type of heater will use less energy than a usual tank style of water heater. These units will also last up to 10 years longer than most all other heaters and use less space and supply continuous hot running water as they are not limited by the tank size. The negative is that they are more expensive than tank style heaters and have a limited output and they dont always provide a consistent supply of hot water.</br></br>Dual-Flush Toilet. </br>The water consumption by the toilet is around 26%. There is something called a dual-flush loo that gives two choices for water reduction with one button using a low volume of water for short flush. The second useing a high volume of water for a longer and stronger flush.</br></br>Steam Showers.</br>The Steam shower is a fantastic way to relieve the stress of modern life. And with no need for tiling or cosmetic plumbing these contemporary, self contained and free standing steam showers provide a convenient and cost effective bathing solution. Steam is just as effective as water for a bath or a shower. It cleares the pores of the skin and can clean really efficiently. Steam is also thought to increase your circulation and relax the muscles.