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Month: August 2014

Pipes From Plastic

The story behind the evolution of plastics is a real success story. The rise of plastics is really as a direct result of a desire by us as humans to have everything much more convenient and clean. The plastic pipe is a good example, being really durable, versatile and strong. An Eltham Plumber can fit plastic pipework. There are many different types of plastic pipes for plumbing on the market. The size of the pipe relates to its outside diameter. Water supply pipes that run through the house or underground use sizes 15mm, 22mm and 28mm. Waste pipes (overflow pipes, wash basins, bath, shower and sink waste water pipes, soil pipes) come in various sizes. The overflow from toilet systems and tanks in the roof used 21mm pipes. Wash basin waste water pipes are generally 32mm in diameter, while Bass and thinks use 40 mm pipes. The soil (sewer) pipes from toilets are 110mm in diameter. These types of pipe are also very straightforward to cut, connect and fit. Eltham Plumbers only use professional tradesmen. Plastic pipes are wonderful as they are lightweight and very easy to cut and work with. Plastic technology has advanced to the extent that if you have the right grade of plastic pipe, you can even use them to plumb your central heating system or supply hot water to taps. Plastic pipes are more frost resistant than metal pipes, and tend to creak less when they expand underneath the floor. Plastic pipes do not corrode and can be safely connected to copper, steel or lead pipes, without the worry of metals reacting and causing accelerated corrosion (as would be the case if, for example, you connected a galvanised steel pipe to one made of copper). The push fit O ring joints are used by plumbers use these joints as a quick method of connection. These joints are a little bulkier than a welded type may can be pulled apart easily. The fittings have a small O ring in a groove which double seals the joint and grips the pipe.