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Month: January 2015

Get Your Lost Item in the Shower Drain with Plumbers Eltham

Sometimes, you lose hope of getting your things back when it is lost in the shower drain. You start regretting already about things done. However, it is not impossible to find it back. Just consider calling us and well help you get that back. As soon as you call Plumbers Eltham it is our duty to get the complete job done for you. However, it is pretty critical that you have lost an item and that was not seen by someone else. You need to provide us info about the lost item such the time you have lost the item, actual size of the item, and the type of material which you have lost. The entire searching depends upon its size and the size of drain as well. Most of the pipes that are used in the drain have a U-shaped trap which makes sure the lost item has not got too far and almost every drain has similar shapes. However, shower drains could be the thinnest and trickiest drain among all. Its because the drain of a shower cant be visible like other drains are. It will be necessary to open up the cabinet below the sink to make the piping visible and to see the U-shaped trap where the item could fall. Nominally, the trap should be relatively close to the entrance of the drain and if the substance is large enough and is grasped a metal hanger will be used and poked around to find it. However, if the item is something really little such as earring, this method may not work for you. On that occasion we need to cover the drain hole to turn on the vacuum. Use of technique of vacuum can be effective while searching small items. Plumber Eltham can do it for you as soon as you call to come on.