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Month: July 2016

How to unblock an outside drain

This is a handy guide to help you with a blocked outside drain Eltham.
Things you need to do before you begin the process:
The pipes underground are in a straight line and they have a typical route. There is also bending and many angles which should be inspected. The manhole cover above it should also be located. The drain is joined with many sewers too.
When the blockage comes from your toilet, that would be easier to deal with, but if it is far more complex than that, you may need rods to clean the drain. Many rods come with various sizes and you should wear gloves if you decide to DIY.
Locating the blockage in an outside drain:
Take time during the day to check for a blockage. You may need to unscrew the cover and look below. Ask someone to help you hold the lighting and use a spade or strong tool to check if you can reach the blockage. You will need to grasp the cover, so the gloves are essential to wear. With a blocked drain the chamber inside is usually full and blocks the water flow. Using the rods, try to clean the blockage, but be very careful not to damage the pipes. More rods are necessary in case the previous effort does not work.
Use a water jet if you need to. But normally a household does not have this, so you may need to call a professional plumber. It is necessary to fill the hole with a powerful stream of water to push the clog further.
Clearing the drain may require scraping out the blockage with your hands. Insert the rod and push it back to see if you can remove the clog. The traps can be anything from debris to something bigger and dirtier. Try to test the drain once you manage to clear the blockage.

Heating breakdown repairs

Have you ever experienced a heating breakdown when it is time for the winter season? That would be an unexpected event you want to avoid. Well, if you want to have a perfectly working gas heating system, it is important that you do routine maintenance to avoid a breakdown.
Heating repairs Eltham might be avoided if you follow some tips for gas heater maintenance.
When the system is not working, you can check to see if there is no heat at all. This usually is due to a circuit breaker issue or a drive belt that does not work.
There are several things you can check to perform routine maintenance.
– Checking the filters every now and then
It is important to check for the filter to see if it is dusty or dirty.
– The gas order has a system and you can also check to see if it is emitting a strange odour.
– The exhaust vent can also be the place where trouble occurs. This could deteriorate or become damaged.
– To ensure proper air flow and circulation, it is important that the condensation unit does not have any plants or shrubs on the area.
– Before the beginning of winter, have a professional check on the unit and make sure it works properly for the season.
– Replace parts that seem to be worn down.
When the burner is off, it could make a noise that may not be its usual sound. This could have something to do with the blower or belt tension. Make sure to call a qualified person to check on the gas heating system.
When dealing with a gas appliance like a heating system, it is inevitable that one day you might experience a breakdown. Thus, it is necessary to get a help from someone who knows what they are doing and are certified to do the work.