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How to unblock a toilet Eltham

A blocked toilet is a very common problem whether it is in commercial or domestic premises in the Eltham area, and there may be a need to call for help to unblock the sewers and the drains. Most of the time the reason behind the blockage may be just stupidity or carelessness on the part of a resident or an owner of a property. The common cause of a blocked toilet is normally the old fashioned problem. Some people use the toilet to dispose of anything they have in their homes like underwear, nappies and toys. Some people do not know that the toilet was not designed to be a unit for waste disposal. It is meant to dispose of toilet tissues and human waste that gets disintegrated in the water. Nappies, underwear and toys cannot be dissolved by the water and when they are flushed down, they are most of the time going to lead to a blockage. You have to make sure that you dispose of them in the dust bin since that is where they are meant to be. Most of the time, children are behind the blocked toilet Eltham. They like to dispose of anything they want in a toilet and they do not understand what the implications are to flushing toys and other objects down the toilet. It is hard to keep up with the kids so that you can know what they do all day every day. When you have a blocked toilet Eltham, it can be easy to unblock it if you are aware of why it has been blocked in the first place. Children are also the reason behind blockages caused by using too much tissue. However, this is a problem that can be solved by using a simple plunger. When you are able to deal with most types of blockages, you will be saving money that you would otherwise spend on an emergency plumber.

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