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Leaking pipes can be disruptive if they are not dealt with immediately. Learning how to cope with this plumbing emergency can be very helpful and can save you from additional damage to your property and of course, from thousands of pounds.Some leaks are caused by worn out parts, like a toilet flapper, which can be fixed by simply replacing the part, while others can be more serious, like burst pipes. Here are few things you can do to fix the problem, or some temporary fixes that you can do while waiting for your plumber. Since leaking pipes or burst pipes happen without a warning, it pays to have a plumbing kit handy. Before starting any work, make sure to turn off your water supply. This will stop the flow of cold water into the house. It is also important that you turn your boiler and immersion heater. Then drain all water from the pipes by running the hot and cold water taps until no more water comes out. You should also turn off electricity if the leak is near sockets or wiring.When all the water has been drained, mark the section where the leak is, and use a hacksaw to remove the leaking section. Fit the repair piece and tighten the joints.If you do not have the necessary tools and parts, temporarily stop the leak by hammering the pipe flat on each side of the leak. Do not ever try to repair a leaking boiler. If you think the leaking is serious and you are not confident that you can fix the problem, you don’t have to worry since Plumbers Eltham can come to you immediately and rescue you right away. We at Plumber Eltham can help you fix your leaking pipes and any other plumbing needs or issues.

Worry no more

Blocked drains has always been a problem to us because it may fuel more disastrous problems at home like flood, unpleasant drainage smell and even bursting of pipes and drainages. Thus, blocked drainages should be given an immediate repair as soon as possible. Because of these evolving problems at home, there is a need for expert plumbers that will help us in dealing with the problems. You might opt to consider Plumbers Eltham as an option as they have the best plumbers in town.Plumbers Eltham is well known for its expert plumbing services. We offer you the best quality service in terms of repair of tap leakages, bursting of pipes, clogged toilets, blocked drainages and the like. We also offer renovation and reformation in any part of the home. In Plumbers Eltham, we have plumbers in who are experts in their fields and ensure good quality service. We take care of the trust our clients have given us by not just maintaining the excellence in our delivery of service but also improving it every encounter. Through the different trainings we undergo regularly, we learn new methods that enhance our skills in helping our clients with regards to their plumbing issues. As the clients call us, we ensure that we immediately respond to them and give them precautionary advice that will help them delay the worsening of the situation. As we arrive in the area, we keenly examine the problem and afterwards, provide insights to the customers. We offer them the best yet affordable price of service. Also, it is important to take note that we guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our service. We try to give each one of you the best possible plumbing service one might offer. And we ensure that our plumbers are courteous so that they can build rapport with our clients and make the whole transaction as light as possible.

Find the right plumbers for your house

Like everything else, out houses and offices require maintenance. The one thing we need to make sure is working alright is the piping and other systems of the house. A perfect plumber is going to serve you with the services your house requires in order to run properly and maintain its original shape. Whether you require some heating services urgently or you need your pipes fixed; we are here at Plumbers Eltham to provide you with all kinds of services in the maintenance of your house. When the winters suddenly approach, you are all out of ideas and need boiler son instant basis. We provide installation of boilers in households as well as offices. If you require some pipe leakages to be fixed before the clients drop by at your office, we have efficient plumbers who can take care of the water flowing and leaking pipes. If you have the dinner ready at the table and suddenly the roof has started dripping, we can make sure the water stops dripping and flows within the pipes. Although there are certain repairs and adjustments that cannot be taken care of in the first visit. But we ensure that our plumbers and engineers take care of 95% of the required work in the first visit. This means your house or office will be as good as new but would require a final touch for complete perfection. One thing we ensure from our service providers is quality work. We make sure they are being trained according to the highest standards there are. We make sure they know how to identify the problem within seconds of looking at a faulty piece. We make sure they are efficient and can work in a matter of minutes if small repairs are needed. Plumber Eltham also enables its workers to have a friendly behavior with customers so they feel comfortable and tell you their problems more easily. Apart from the ordinary fixing and repairs, we deal with installation and repair and maintenance of dishwashers, cylinders and macerators. We aim for a high achievement and that can only be attained if the people are being trainer properly for it.

Pipes From Plastic

The story behind the evolution of plastics is a real success story. The rise of plastics is really as a direct result of a desire by us as humans to have everything much more convenient and clean. The plastic pipe is a good example, being really durable, versatile and strong. An Eltham Plumber can fit plastic pipework. There are many different types of plastic pipes for plumbing on the market. The size of the pipe relates to its outside diameter. Water supply pipes that run through the house or underground use sizes 15mm, 22mm and 28mm. Waste pipes (overflow pipes, wash basins, bath, shower and sink waste water pipes, soil pipes) come in various sizes. The overflow from toilet systems and tanks in the roof used 21mm pipes. Wash basin waste water pipes are generally 32mm in diameter, while Bass and thinks use 40 mm pipes. The soil (sewer) pipes from toilets are 110mm in diameter. These types of pipe are also very straightforward to cut, connect and fit. Eltham Plumbers only use professional tradesmen. Plastic pipes are wonderful as they are lightweight and very easy to cut and work with. Plastic technology has advanced to the extent that if you have the right grade of plastic pipe, you can even use them to plumb your central heating system or supply hot water to taps. Plastic pipes are more frost resistant than metal pipes, and tend to creak less when they expand underneath the floor. Plastic pipes do not corrode and can be safely connected to copper, steel or lead pipes, without the worry of metals reacting and causing accelerated corrosion (as would be the case if, for example, you connected a galvanised steel pipe to one made of copper). The push fit O ring joints are used by plumbers use these joints as a quick method of connection. These joints are a little bulkier than a welded type may can be pulled apart easily. The fittings have a small O ring in a groove which double seals the joint and grips the pipe.

The Green Side of Plumbing

We all really need to save money during these very challenging economic times, so a great way to bolster money-saving changes is to make green plumbing improvements to your plumbing system. Greener plumbing is a fantastic way to lower your energy and water consumption without giving up those home comforts. ?And it doesnt get any better than that. <a style=”color:#FFBE72 !important;” href=”http://www.elthamplumbers.co.uk”>Eltham Plumbers</a> use qualified plumbers who use green techniques.</br>The Green Plumbing:</br></br>Low-Flow Showerheads.</br>This style of showerhead can reduce the water flow from the showerhead either by aerating the water (adding air to the water) or restricting the flow of the water without the air. The result is an increased water speed that gives the impression of a high power spray. This effect gives the feeling that you are using a regular showerhead. A qualified <a style=”color:#FFBE72 !important;” href=”http://www.elthamplumbers.co.uk”>Eltham Plumber</a> can fit this type of shower.</br></br>The Tank-less Water Heater. </br>This type of heater will use less energy than a usual tank style of water heater. These units will also last up to 10 years longer than most all other heaters and use less space and supply continuous hot running water as they are not limited by the tank size. The negative is that they are more expensive than tank style heaters and have a limited output and they dont always provide a consistent supply of hot water.</br></br>Dual-Flush Toilet. </br>The water consumption by the toilet is around 26%. There is something called a dual-flush loo that gives two choices for water reduction with one button using a low volume of water for short flush. The second useing a high volume of water for a longer and stronger flush.</br></br>Steam Showers.</br>The Steam shower is a fantastic way to relieve the stress of modern life. And with no need for tiling or cosmetic plumbing these contemporary, self contained and free standing steam showers provide a convenient and cost effective bathing solution. Steam is just as effective as water for a bath or a shower. It cleares the pores of the skin and can clean really efficiently. Steam is also thought to increase your circulation and relax the muscles.

Pipework Bonding

The bonding referred to in the title is the type that is required to attach to all metal pipework fitted in a property. It is fitted to ensure that there is no chance that anyone in the home will receive an electric shock should the pipework come into contact with electrical current through a fault. It must be replaced if removed for plumbing additions or modifications. The paragraph explains why this is so and why the cables are so important. An Eltham Plumber is trained to deal electric shock.Should you ever take the time to look at your gas meter or maybe even your incoming water supply pipework it must definitely be the case that you see a green and yellow wire connected to the pipework. You may ask yourself what is it for? Well, it is called an equipotential earth bonding cable. These cables are connected to water service pipework that enters the house and also on pipework in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Eltham Plumbers have the skills to advise on this bonding. Whenever a water, gas or fluid pipe comes into and passes out from a building there is a potential for stray electrical currents, as a result of faulty electrical equipment or appliances. If this happens and a human touches a pipe that is affected by an electrical fault (in other words the pipe is alive!), they will get a shock or even worse as electrical shocks can alter the rhythm of the human heart and stop it. So these stray currents need to be taken away safely to an earth point through a specific route. A bonding wire of 10mm minimum size is clamped unpainted to the pipework at the point of entry/exit of the building. This in turn is connected to the main earth terminal in the consumer unit. In addition to the bonding wires making a connection to the incoming services, there needs to be additional supplementary wire links that join together all the metalwork within wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen in a continuous unbroken circuit. This guarantees all the pipework is at the same electrical potential as for dangerous current to flow there must be a difference in potential (ie you).

Recycle Rain Water

There is a process that has become very popular since we have become more environmentally aware. This is the process of rainwater capture and recycling. The piece of kit that does it is quite simple and is called a water butt. The butt is fitted outside the property and quite simply catches the rain. The butt or tank is made from polyethylene and comes in a range of capacities. These butts are supplied complete with instructions and all the kit you will require and the setting up is quite straightforward, just follow the makers instructions.Tools:Tape measure, Hole cutter and a drill.Note:Square down pipes are simple to measure but for round pipes you will need calipers or string and a ruler. Pull the string around the pipe and mark the two ends meet. Measure and note this distance. Divide the measurement by 3.14 (PI). An Eltham Plumber can make this calculation. This is the external diameter. Fitting:A). The best way to fit a water butt is firstly select the downpipe to connect to. The pipe should be marked at the same level as the top of the butt, then, cut 3cms lower so that the rain diverter hose can be connected to the butt and remove the bottom half of pipe. Drill another hole for a tap at the bottom. This is usually pre-marked.B). Once the butt is connected to the diverter, reconnect the piece of downpipe that you cut off. This will then look like a tee section with the pipe running down and the diverter running into the butt. Eltham Plumbers can fit water butts.Handy to Know:There are stands available for water butts and also you can purchase a water butt pump that will give more flexibility when using the water such as in the garden.

Plumbing Valves

The term valve refers to a piece of equipment that will allow a liquid to flow through it but also close to stop the flow also, in other words it is a liquid flow controller. They are of various designs from simple to quite complex.Below is a small example of the names and also their function:The Globe: This valve incorporates a shaft in which something called a stopper will sit. The stopper will move up or down allowing the water to flow through. This valve is employed in situations where flow adjustment is required. An Eltham Plumber fits and maintains these type of valves.The Butterfly: The butterfly valve is fitted with a disc fitted inside. The disc will be the same diameter as the pipe in which it sits. The disc is also attached to a lever to operate, again to adjust flow.The Gate:The gate is employed in straight flowing systems. It has the second name of the sluice valve. The valve operates by a wheel driven wedge in side the shaft to control flow. Eltham Plumbers are experienced tradesmen.The (main) Stop: The stop valve is probably the ideal type of valve to fit in a fluid system that is going to require a great deal of water pressure and is normally the valve that is fitted to a domestic mains supply to isolate the water from entering the home and is usually fitted somewhere in front of a residential property for ease of access in emergency and maintenance situations.The TRV:The thermostatic radiator valve gives the homeowner control of the water that is flowing through their radiators by the use of a thermostat which is internally fitted in its body. The water heat will dictate the action of the valve and can be set by the homeowner. This is an ideal way of controlling seperate rooms and their uses. This saves wasting heat and money.

New Waste Fitting

The overflow for these types of appliance is already featured so there is no requirement to make a provision for this. Eltham Plumbers can install all types of appliances. Below is a brief guide to fitting a waste outlet for a basin, with the old one already removed.A new waste fitting should be fitted into the basin with the correct rubber washers, however if you dont have them, this joint can be completed by following the guide below:1). Place a ring made of plumbers mate or silicone rubber to the underneath of the part of the waste fitting that is fitted in the basin outlet. The appliance needs to be dry for the best result otherwise any jointing compounds that you use used will not adhere to the porcelain. 2). Position the waste fitting and place a second ring of plumbers mate, silicon or a large rubber washer around the threaded area that is visible at the hole in the appliance. Now fit a 32mm polythene washer.Lastly:Fit a large back nut on the fitting, which will compress and seal the fitting. Make sure the fitting doesnt turn when tightening the back nut by putting two screwdrivers through the slots in the fitting to hold it still. An Eltham Plumber can fit basin waste fittings.When the appliance complete you can carry out something called the: Second FixThis fix makes sure that the appliance is level, fixed securely, and supported, and all fixtures are reconnected correctly. Dont worry about the slope for the waste as it is set in the design of the basin.


The function of the isolation valve or isolator is really quite straightforward in its role. Should your kitchen tap develop a constant drip, the isolating valve allows you to just isolate the tap locally rather than having to completely isolate the whole house supply. A very handy bit of kit.The Valve:The valve itself houses a ball bearing, having a hole drilled through it. As the valve is operated, the ball bearing inside turns in line with the pipe, and allows the water to flow through. Turning the valve off has the opposite action of blocking the pipe, so stopping the water from flowing. The isolator requires very low maintenance and has only one internal part. 1). It can be operated with the use of a screwdriver that fits in a slot in the valve itself and can turn the internal bearing on (in line with the pipe) or off (90 to the pipe). Eltham Plumbers can fit isolating valves for any equipment.2). It can also be operated with a lever, and assumes the name of lever valve. The lever makes operation much easier. This lever valve is known as a full bore lever valve as it has a hole drilled in the internal ball bearing that is the same diameter as the pipework. These valves can be fitted in showers where a strong and uninhibited water is needed, and are also supplied in compression and push-fit styles mostly made plastic. An Eltham Plumber is trained to work with valves. Note:If a plastic version is used, this will normally result in the groove that is normally for a screwdriver operation being refitted with a small handle, as the groove is prone to being chewed with the constant use of the screwdriver for adjustment and the soft nature of the plastic. It is usually a good idea to avoid these types.