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The Macerator

A macerator is a an appliance that can be fitted in the home and operates in quite a specialized way for a piece of domestic equipment whose job it is to deal with the disposal of waste water. It is named a Macerator. Now this bit of kit is quite efficient in its disposal of all things dirty. It is made up of a unit coupled to a shredder and is powered by a very strong yet small high torque mains powered electrical motor that drives the shredding part of the appliance (the part that does the damage) Eltham Plumbers have experience of fitting these types of units.Its job is to be an integral part of the toilet system, disposing of the wasta by literally shredding it to pulp in order to reduce its volume so that it will pass through a smaller bore of plastic pipework (usually between 22mm and 32mm in diameter), it then moves it away to a point where it is discharged away into the waste system and out of the house. The distance and the positioning of pan and its associated pipework is very important for the unit to work well. If the pan is in a horizontal plane , then it can be up to 50 mtrs away and operate well. If the pan is in a vertical plane to the unit, the incline would affect the output pressure and could stop a proper discharge. The fitting of this equipment is governed quite strictly by the local authorities and permission needs to be obtained before one is fitted. An electrical supply is also required which should be carried pout by a qualified professional. An Eltham Plumber can arrange this. Macerators vary, some can be used for the above only and others for domestic equipment such as showers (with a high pressure unit for power showers), dishwashers and sinks. It is really quite a flexible piece of equipment. They are quite big in size, however there are units for sale that are smaller and can fit spaces that are confined.

Blocked Gutters and Rainwater Pipes

Over time there is a possibility that your gutters will collect unwanted dust and debris including moss. This inevitably silt up the gutter making a great place for seeds to grow! Eventually the gutter start to overflow as the build up increases and stops the rain water from passing down the pipe into the drain. It is quite easy to clear this debris with a long pole having a semi circular piece on the end. You can use this to pull the mess towards you and then place in a bucket and ditch. Be careful as this will involve some ladder work. Eltham Plumbers deal with all kinds plumbing problems large or small. Make sure the ladder is footed, in other words supported by someone else. Do not over reach when up a ladder or lean the ladder on the pipework as it will damage the pipe or slip away. Should the rainwater pipe itself become blocked with the same debris as described it will pose a more difficult problem. You can try pushing a drainage spring up and down the pipework. An Eltham Plumber uses these types of equipment. However sometimes if the pipe is made of plastic it is easier and quicker to disconnect al the sections of pipework and carry out the process at ground level. This is a good way of inspecting and clearing the whole section. It will usually be a blockage at the bottom end of this pipework, causing the water to back up and spill out of the joints. These joints were not intended or indeed manufactured to be watertight. The blockage that was mentioned earlier in the bottom section is nearly always caused by a blockage located in the gully section and can be simply cleared out by hand.